Game Development

Concept and visual development for Earth Girl 2 was initially centered around before-and-after scenarios for a variety of Earth hazards in Southeast Asia. Regional location and particular hazards were visualized in a variety of visual styles, according to a dramatic treatment. Characters and story were also developed through visual exploration.

EG2-MI-additionalvillagerdesigns-28MarEarly exploratory sketches of potential villagers.

Early study in black and white showing alternate versions of some tools
and tool icons that didn’t make it into the game.

Quick landscape layouts exploring configurations of a fishing village next to a river.

Exploration of a potential “sketchy” line quality for background art.

First draft of a level design with the basic challenges laid out.

Shape and proportion explorations of a light bridge that could be easily shifted in different angles.

The white board was our best friend when reviewing design concepts and artistic directions.