After testing the Earth Girl 2 prototype literally hundreds of times, nobody is better qualified than Kevin to give us our first Earth Girl tour.

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The action takes place in four main areas: the Market, the Map, the Toolbox, and two dozen game levels with evacuation scenarios. The gameplay encourages proactive exploration and discovery of these scenarios, with Earth Girl providing knowledge, tips and feedback throughout and after the game.

The basic game play includes: learning about tsunami hazards by talking to people at the market, choosing tools based on a budget, exploring the site and making strategic decisions, and learning from watching the simulation. The level of success of players in this game depends on their level of interaction with the virtual community.

photo 1
At the market, players are exposed to a variety of opinions about tsunamis.
They must use their judgment to distinguish between fact and fiction.

The map allows players to select a variety of levels within a specific degree of difficulty.
The more challenging levels unlock as players complete the simple ones.

The toolbox provides a budget based on level of difficulty, and three types of tools:
infrastructure, technology and education.

photo 3
Players can explore each level, looking for weak spots that can be enhanced with selected tools. The strategies laid out by the player drive a crowd simulation.

The clock stops as the tsunami arrives after some or all of the villagers
have exited to the right side of the level or have gone to high ground.

Earth Girl and the villagers provide feedback and hints after each level is completed.