Proactive Learning

Tsunamis are a serious natural hazard in coastal areas, and the Earth Girl 2 App provides an environment for proactive learning. Players can explore a variety of scenarios including small fishing villages, office high-rise areas, coastal resorts and industrial parks to name a few.

Proactive learning means that players can explore, think and experiment outside of the traditional lecture setting. This makes Earth Girl 2 the perfect companion for informal learning about tsunami disaster management and preparedness.

We conducted extensive usability and feedback sessions and also partnered with public schools in Banda Aceh and Padang, Indonesia. We also worked with schools in Singapore including Chatsworth International, DPS International, Geylang Methodist Primary, Presbyterian High School and the Singapore American School. We thank students, teachers, and administrators. Your feedback and suggestions were invaluable to improve the game!

Presenting the game to students in Padang, West Sumatra, along with Patra Rina Dewi,
our partner from the Kogami community organization.

These girls are interested by the game since Padang is a potential site
for a tsunami in the next few decades.

Earth Girl 2 encourages team work.

These boys are playing the prototype of the Indonesian language version of the game.

This group is trying to finish as fast as possible to win the contest.

One of the winning teams in the middle school gets Earth Girl 2 T-shirts.

The winning team in the primary school receiving their prizes.

We donated to the schools DVDs of films and games produced
at the Earth Observatory of Singapore.

Everyone loves posters and stickers.

A group photo with the school’s principal, Patra Rina Dewi and Tommy Susanto
from Kogami, the English teacher and students.

The middle school students wanted to take a big noisy photo.