Earth Girl Volcano

Earth Girl Volcano is our new interactive game about making strategic decisions that minimize risk in communities exposed to volcanic hazards. This casual strategy game is focused on hazard preparedness and response skills, and it was developed by an interdisciplinary team. The game is inspired by real-life situations in communities located near volcanoes throughout the Pacific Ring of Fire. The game allows players to prepare for emergency evacuations and respond during volcanic hazards such as ash fall, mudflows and burning clouds. The simple and straightforward gameplay engages our core audience of 7-13 kids and adults.

Volcanoes are majestic but they also pose a serious hazard to nearby communities, and the Earth Girl Volcano app provides an environment for proactive learning about volcanic risk. Players can experience and explore a variety of volcanic hazards and evacuation scenarios including lightly populated small villages, towns with high-rise buildings and even industrial parks. Players can explore, think and experiment outside the traditional learning setting. This makes Earth Girl Volcano the perfect companion for informal learning about volcanic risk, disaster management and preparedness.

The side-scrolling game has colorful graphics and 27 different experiences, and it runs on Windows or iOS computers and Android or iOS tablets. The game will be available in late September in three languages: English, Spanish and Italian. Before the end of 2018 we plan to have the Tagalog (Philippines) and Indonesian versions. Stay tuned for a link to download your copy of Earth Girl Volcano game!